Being able to see individual legs of a flight

If I fly Tulsa to Dallas on a flight, which continues to El Paso, by the time I get back to Birmingham to have Internet access, Flightaware will display the DFW-ELP. Is there going to be a way that I can see the route that the flight I took from TUL-DFW was on, instead of the DFW-ELP leg?

The ability to highlight a previous leg and view the track & full info is coming in the near future.

Excellent… I was logging in to suggest this very item. Look forward to this feature!

Bryan Opalka
Noble Air VA - KORD Hub

I Hope this feature will be added soon, I’m looking forward to it!

In addition to previous legs of a flight, I hope this feature will mean that the tracking of flights from previous days (up to 120 days in the past) can also be viewed.


Definitely, dcazier.