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Beech Starship


I usually update my flight number in the “tracking fellow members” topic.
I’m back on duty again on the 20th.

I just remembered I have another picture of RS. I took it at Oshkosh '05, long before I ever dreamed I might be flying a Piaggio for a living. I love the shadow on the ground!


I think one of those legs might be mine.

(Not my photo)


I might be in there too!
You can see the starship at the 2 o’clock position of that photo.


That you at the bottom with white shirt, khakis and sombrero?


No, I think that’s Bob Hoover! :laughing:


You saw N8244L picking up fuel and heading for the islands.


NC-46 N641SE Marana (Tucson) - Northwest Regional (Avra Valley) (AVW / AVQ)
USA - Arizona, July 2007 photo by James Richard Covington posted on airliners.net


This is N8285Q based out of Walla Walla, WA (KALW)


Taken December 21 at KBFI

KALW is a strange base for a plane of this kind, maybe a wealthy vineyard owner?


Having read up on everything…

I’m still confused as to why Raytheon is trying it’s hardest to eradicate the world of the Remaing Starships…I could understand trying to sell them off…but the fact that theya re incinerating them completely…and to the exten that they’re offering to buy Modles that were sold back so they can incinerate those is puzzling to me…


One word (and don’t read the word if you don’t like to hear bad words): LAWYERS.

They are afraid of liability issues due to blood sucking, bottom feeding, sharks called trial lawyers.


Perfectly understandable…

Still…the Plane has proven beyond a boubt it’s not as complex as RAS tried to claim it was in their attempt to suck money out of Raytheon…

Oh well…


Vineyard…or maybe a potato/onion farm.
Also, looking at all the previous pics of the Starship and then this one…what looks different? I saw this and remembered the article I read when the plane first came out. The forward wing actually sweeps forward when you drop flaps. Totally forgot about that.


I had the chance to fly on a Starship about 10 years ago, what an amazing flight. It hopped off the deck at a mile high elevation, about 80 degrees F, what a perfromer.


In case anyone is keeping track, s/n NC-23 (N39TU) is sitting out in the sun at the Pima Museum in Tucson.


She’ll maintain full rated power up to 10,000 feet MSL (1,200 shp/eng).


westwardair - How bad was N8244L damaged the other day?


Damaged… :open_mouth:

What happened Chris?.. And it’s good to see you back…it’s been a while.


My own company’s policy prohibits me from commenting publicly on the incident until all investigations are complete. Suffice it to say that I am fine, there were no injuries, and 44L will fly again.

Thanks AZ :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,

Christopher Dean
Atlantis Aviation


N8244L Video YouTube Comments; “Robert Scherer, owner of Starship NC-51, took this video of our Starship performing a max performance takeoff out of Aspen. No music here – just enjoy the unique sound of a Starship.”

Good to hear all is well, N8244L, what a visually stunning aircraft!!!


Thats great, hated the thought of loosing one to damage.

Get her back in the air soon!