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Are any Beech Starships still flying?

On August, 17th about 7am at Zurich International, a twin went over out hotel, she had 2 pusher props and a forward canard. It was a high tail format like a king air. I checked Flight aware on my mobile and didn’t see any GA aircraft arriving. Didn’t have a chance to grab a photo and we were directly under so I didn’t see any side markings.

I think there was 1 Starship still flying several years ago and this is what it looked like. Anything else look like that?

It was probably one of these:


Not real common, but there’s often a couple flying around:


Don’t know why the P180 didn’t occur to me. I have seen them before, but usually hear the unique whine of their engines. Thanks

Yes there is, several of them in fact. Here’s a link to the status of the Starships. Robert Scherer flys his all the time and has been used as a chase plane for Scaled Composites and their Spaceship.



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