Want a Starship???


Just received an email from Dallas Kachan, author of “The Starship Diaries”.

Always wanted a Beechcraft Starship? Read below.
With only a few still left in the world, this may be your LAST CHANCE.

Own one of the LAST FIVE FLYING STARSHIPS - but act FAST!

One of the last remaining flying Starships has come up for sale. NC-50, tail number N8285Q, is currently owned by a private owner in California. Its sale is being brokered by a company in Texas.

NC-50 has the 6 passenger interior configuration. 
Engines are on ESP, with inspections up to date. The aircraft is outfitted with the full Starship suite of Rockwell Collins glass cockpit avionics, and also includes GPS (non-approach cert) stormscope and 4-color weather radar. It's fully, legally registered in the United States and flying today.

**Offers are being entertained in the range of $1.8M USD.**


That's a **BARGAIN**!!!!



I’ll take a GA aircraft though! 8)


I think collectively, the FlightAware forum community should get together and pool enough money to buy this airplane…for me!!! :smiley: