Beech Bonanza A36


For years Flightaware has posted the speed of a Beech Bonanza A36 as 138 MPH. In a normally aspirated A36 I regularly fly at 160 TAS even lean of peak. If you are posting statute miles that is 184.

Please update the Beech Bonanza A36 profile to either 160 or 184.

Thank you!


Are you referring to the speed in the registration info? That’s provided by the FAA in the registration database; you’ll have to contact them to change it.


138 MPH is so far off the mark for any Beech Bonanza that I would like to check the FAA database and find out what is going on. Could you please send me the link to the FAA you are using for this data. I’m unable to find this type of data on the FAA website.

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Aircraft Registry: Releasable Aircraft Database Download