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Flight Aware on Android

Is there a way to change the “Filed Speed” on the FlightAware Android app? I am sure that I have seen
this in knots but I am currently looking at one flight’s data and it says 4.2 mach. I can’t find where it is
possible to change it, so maybe this was done with an app upgrade?

Bumping this up…
I’m having the same issue. A Hawker 4000 recently departed here with a filed speed of 465 kts (on the PC), but it shows as 4.65 mach on the app. This applies for every other aircraft I’ve looked at. (1.38 mach for a C182, etc)… Version 3.2.7

This is one of the known bugs in the current version of our Android app. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe for the next release of our Android app at this time.