Incorrect Data for turbo commander 690

The speed for this aircraft is listed at 188MPH it should be listed as follows:
High speed cruise range at 320mph/278kts/515kmh (TAS) average at 25,000 ft., 7,620 meters (96% rpm) with 45 min. fuel reserve:
1,458 SM/1,266 NM/2,346 KM

The registration speeds are directly from the FAA aircraft registry database, the flight tracking speeds are from filed flight plans and radar interpretation.

the speeds I quoted are right from the 690 POI as complied and printed by Gulfstream. If you check the other 690’s flying you will note the average speeds are around 250kts/288mph. So either somebody copied the numbers incorrectly or the figures from the FAA are incorrect…I know because I own a 690 and know the speeds. for complete specs and speeds go to and click on the 690 commander.

Hi – I’m not doubting you, I’m just saying that we don’t make up the numbers; we’re not the source. What’s the N number in question?

It is not the N number , it is the speeds noted on the 690 stats , My n Number is N885RA. but if you check the "DETAILS"on your information data . you will note it states the turbo commander is 188MPH, it should say 288MPH.
this is what i copied from your page.

Aircraft Registration (N885RA)
Aircraft Summary
Summary Owner Airworthiness Serial Number
Fixed wing multi engine
(11 seats / 2 engines) RANDSBURG CORP
(Corporation) Standard/Normal 11012
Aircraft Details
Engine Weight Speed Mode S Code

(Turbo-prop) Less than 12,500lbs 188mph 53030740
Registration Details

Status Certificate Issue Date Airworthiness Date Last Action Date
Assigned 2007-08-31 1972-04-06 2007-08-31


Again, FlightAware does not make up the numbers. That data is straight from the FAA.

The type certificate for the 690 is the same for as that for the 580, 680, 695, and 720. Why the picked the speed they did for ATC purposes I don’t know. All I do know is that it is NOT FlightAware’s just making up numbers.

The aircraft you mention are all piston powered, scroll down on the TC data sheet and you will come to the 690 series which has entirely different speeds. powered by Garrett TPE 331-5, 717 HP per side.
note the max operating is 280mph, however the Pilots operating manual states:
High speed cruise range at 320mph/278kts/515kmh (TAS) average at 25,000 ft.
Here is the language copied from the type certificate for the 690.
From the TC:
Airspeed Limits Maneuvering 167 m.p.h. (145K) CAS
Maximum Operating 280 m.p.h. (234K) CAS
Flaps extended - half 180 m.p.h. (156K) CAS
Flaps extended - full 157 m.p.h. (136K) CAS
Landing gear extended 230 m.p.h. (200K) CAS


FA shows the last flight arrived 900 days ago. What’s up with that?

900 days ago is the last time it was flown IFR, it was then put in storage until I bought it and brought it back to FFZ, Had to fly vfr on a ferry permit.

Hi Bob & welcome to FlightBeware (personal joke of mine) & hope you are able to get the/your data corrected… 8)

BTW: the T-28 is a good buy… :smiley:

I guess they believe everything the FAA publishes…Oh well, they are here to help you. :laughing:
Yes the T-28 is a great buy, and thanks for the warning…I am here for the social aspect, hahahaha ( another pilot with no life)
merry christmas flygirl. 8)
PS, i see you have an office in costa mesa, one of my favorite places…

Did you contact the FAA and ask them to correct their records???


Contact the FAA? are you crazy? :open_mouth:
Plus I think they were closed over Christmas.

I live on the edge, what can I say :laughing:

Since the root of your problem lies in the FAA database, my point was that it’s not a matter of Flight Aware believing what the FAA sez like you said.

If you know there is a problem, you need to get it fixed it at the root, and you need to contact the FAA.

Once you alert them to the problem and ask them to fix the erroneous information, and they fix it, next time all these computers interface, problem solved.

It’s not like you didn’t comply with a clearance :smiley: or busted airspace so I doubt the FAA will send out the force on ya.

No room for complaints if you don’t act on the problem yourself.