Incorrect Aircraft Data

I know this subject has been touched on before and you get the aircraft information from the FAA Type Certificate but how can you get 6 seats in a C-182S and 7 in a PA32RT-300T? Also, I could find no mention of 124 MPH in the FAA records regarding the Lance II. ID’s N72US, N277US, N49US & N3CG

We get that information from the FAA registry database, not the type certificates.

But the registry doesn’t have speeds and seats

The registry you download does have the number of seats the aircraft is certified for.

Can FlightAware correct it here?

If you download the registry you will see that all of the aircraft you mentioned (except 3CG, which isn’t in the database that I downloaded a couple of months ago) are shown with 6 seats.

HOWEVER, I did go a step further and looked at the Type Certificate. In this case, the registry appears to be wrong because the TC shows only 4 seats for all models since the aircraft was introduced in 1956.

:confused: So, what’s the word on correcting it in FlightAware?

We’re not going to make ad-hoc changes to the FAA registration database, sorry.