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Need to reclassify aircraft type


N357JT is a Beech Bonanza A36TC (piston-powered turbo A36) and ForeFlight always displays its ICAO type incorrectly, UNLESS I file IFR (then it uses the IFR coding).

The correct coding for a turbo-powered A36TC is “BT36” but ForeFlight is defaulting to “B36T”. Please note that a B36T is an Allison turbine-powered conversion. I sure wish I was flying a turbine, but am not.

This would apply to A36TCs as well as B36TCs. There are probably 10 Allison-powered craft out there, vs. 500+ A36TC/B36TC.

To restate, please update the ICAO display for my A36TC to read “BT36”, not the “B36T” that is the current default.

Thank you on behalf of all A36TC/B36TC drivers (except those 10 Allison Turbine guys out there)

Your post refers to ForeFlight so it’s not clear what you were reporting. There does appear to be a bug in FlightAware with the handling of your aircraft type and I’ve reported it to the development team. In the future please reach out directly to our support team at contact@flightaware.com.

My apologies, this was indeed meant to say FlightAware – that’s where the issue arises.

However, the good news is that when I file IFR via ForeFlight the FlightAware system will take the ICAO reg “properly” from that IFR filing and show in FlightAware as it should.

Thank you for reporting this to the dev team. The default should be as I noted, BT36, for all A36TC and B36TC Bonanzas.

Many thanks for the reply here as well.

Looks like there is a fix getting worked and will be released in the near future.