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Need to reclassify aircraft type


N357JT is a Beech Bonanza A36TC (piston-powered turbo A36) and ForeFlight always displays its ICAO type incorrectly, UNLESS I file IFR (then it uses the IFR coding).

The correct coding for a turbo-powered A36TC is “BT36” but ForeFlight is defaulting to “B36T”. Please note that a B36T is an Allison turbine-powered conversion. I sure wish I was flying a turbine, but am not.

This would apply to A36TCs as well as B36TCs. There are probably 10 Allison-powered craft out there, vs. 500+ A36TC/B36TC.

To restate, please update the ICAO display for my A36TC to read “BT36”, not the “B36T” that is the current default.

Thank you on behalf of all A36TC/B36TC drivers (except those 10 Allison Turbine guys out there)