BB Storm II, version 3.0 rollout


Blackberry Storm II, OS 5.0, Flightaware 3.0

This version works reasonably well with persistent errors:

CRITICAL ERROR: ! Unexpected… java.lang.error appears upon device bootup and when the application is started.


  1. Alerts not added to myFlightAware and do not work and alerts are NOT issued. Oddly, this feature worked well in the early versions of the application.

  2. When an airport is open, the menu item, Add to myFlightAware, does not work. The AIRPORT is NOT added. However, FLIGHTS are added to myFlightAware when using the same menu item.

ODD: When an airport is selected, say KJAN and then the Nearby Activity menu is selected, it shows activity from a previously selected airport and not nearby to KJAN.

GOOD: Interface works well and is responsive (especially after fixing the opening menu).

IN BETWEEN: At times, (example MyFlightAware), the sponsor ad is not properly displayed. The Breitling watch is great… the other ad (I believe is Google) only a little blue item appears…