BB Storm 2, Beta


BB Storm 2.
Most options work well. I like it and use it.

A few problems remain with the errors associated with the ADS at the top.

The MyFlightAware is a bit goofy… what is the purpose? If you have an alert, you can’t delete it, so I get an alert that Southwest is landing … I only picked the flight for a test.

It keeps lists of recent airports, but doesn’t put them into MyFlightAware. Another menu item, you have to type the airport code. When you do, the map from the previous airport appears. You can’t add airports or flights to MyFlightAware directly… only via other menus like schedules, etc.

sometimes the log functions in the main menu causes the system to crash! Don’t know which as it crashes before I know it.

I suggest that the menu structure be scrubbed and integrated.

I don’t understand the color codes… green is good, orange can be good or bad, and what is gray?

A line between tomorrows flights and todays scheduled flights would be useful… it would help with the very small print.