BB Storm 2, Beta


Progress at last. A new version, downloaded July 25, 2011, had many of my issues resolved. MyFlightAware actually worked.

CRITICAL: One issue on the BlackBerry Storm II remains. The Airport Detail, View Flight Traffic show different airports in Landscape and Portrait. For example, if I have selected traffic in KATL and then selected traffic in KMEM, I get BOTH. The one that is correct is the orientation when the request is made. When rotated, the other airport appears.

CRITICAL: The keyboard remains after selecting an airport in the Airport Detail. It covers the remaining menu items, and/or map. The map is truncated by the keyboard overlap and is not scaled when rotated… it can be like a postage stamp. Zoom in/out rescales.

I should mention that enroute flight maps are being displayed properly.

Good work. Don’t give up. I am sure that you have plenty of platforms to get perfect. The flight information is great and very useful. Airport delays, etc. are very useful. The weather overlay on the map is also nice.

You are making progress… two steps forward and one back.