Bangladesh Airport IATA codes not showing properly - VGHS

I noticed that when you scroll to the Bangladesh map (to the East of India) the main Int’l airport of the country (in the capital Dhaka or DAC or VGHS), does not show up as a major airport with the VGHS name, only a small green dot showing as DAC. It does show the old defunct airport VGTJ right below VGHS.

VGTJ is defunct, there are no scheduled flights operating from it.

VGHS average aircraft movement per day is around 190 flights. They are building a 3rd terminal and expanding operations.

Bangladesh Civil Aeronautics Board contracted Thales France to upgrade civil aeronautics radar and surveillance facilities with the STAR 2000 s-band air surveillance radar under a contract with the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) for the airports at Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar (this is in addition to GM400 AESA Military surveillance radar units):

Besides - there are many smaller regional airports with runways and scheduled flights that do not show up, even when you zoom in. All have Wikipedia pages with details, please check.

The three Int’l airports are :

  1. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, [IATA]DAC, [ICAO]VGHS
  2. Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong, [IATA]CGP, [ICAO]VGEG
  3. Osmani International Airport, Sylhet, [IATA]ZYL, [ICAO]VGSY

The five regional (domestic) airports currently operating, are :

  1. Cox’s Bazar Airport [IATA]CXB, [ICAO]VGCB
  2. Rajshahi Shah Makhdum Airport [IATA]RJH, [ICAO]VGRJ
  3. Jessore Airport [IATA]JSR, [ICAO]VGSR
  4. Saidpur Airport [IATA]SPD, [ICAO]VGSD
  5. Barishal Airport [IATA]BZL, [ICAO]VGBR

Thank you for rolling in these corrections to your maps.

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We have records for all of these airports. Nearby airports display on the map depending on the relative number of flight operations at the airport combined with your current zoom-level on the map. You should see smaller airports when zoomed in far enough.

Much obliged Kind Sir!

It may seem that your toil and attention-to-detail goes un-noticed, but there are many who silently appreciate your work. :slight_smile: