Kashmir map inaccurate

I’d like to bring up an important error that Flightaware is showing on its maps. Several Pakistani airports are being shown within the territory of India, which is a huge blunder on the part of Flightaware. Seems you’ve gotten your programming done in India because they are the only country in the world which does not accept the United Nations Ceasefire Line (or Line of Control). I happen to be a regular in and out of Gilgit Airport (OPGT) and I can tell you for a fact, it’s not in India.

I’ve sent two emails over the past year and while I have received responses changes will be made, it seems as if nobody is actually doing anything. We’re talking about a HUGE area here and although air traffic in this region is low, it’s still doesn’t erase the fact the political boundary is WRONG. I would highly suggest Flightaware to make the necessary changes.

Flightaware Map

Google Map/United Nations Ceasefire Line (Red)

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PS: Gilgit Airport 8)

Are you talking about the country boundary lines or the actual depicted position of the airport dot?

I’m referring to the border. The positions of the airport are correct but they are being depicted as being in India when infact it’s in Pakistan. :confused: