Airport VTBS needs inputting Dan/Mark


This needs changing. The old Bangkok airport code is now dead and this is the new one - VTBS/BKK.

See THA8910/8911/8912 for examples.


The old AND airport code are VTBS/BKK. What happened was that they moved the codes from the old airport to the new one, just like they did when Denver’s Stapleton Airport was closed.


Damiross, please keep quiet when you don’t know what you’re talking about. The old Bangkok airport was VTBD. :unamused: Hence why the new one needs inputting as this site uses the ICAO identifiers rather than the IATA ones.


I just did a Jeppesen revision for Bangkok yesterday in which the ICAO and IATA codes were updated for both airports. I can’t say as I remember what the change was, but the old airport is still being revised so maybe they plan on keeping it open. Or Thai Airways still has a few airplanes in the hangar that need to be moved, dunno.



The 3 letter code remains as [(]BKK](([ so it was only logical to presume the ICAO code stayed the same.


ICAO and IATA are two completely different organizations. How is that logical?


2 examples: When Denver and Hong Kong opened new airports, both the IATA and the ICAO codes remained the same (DEN/KDEN and HKG/VHHH respectively), although I will admit that in the case of these two the old airports closed. However, in the case of Kuala Lumpur (KUL/WMKK), the new airport received the old airport’s (Subang International Airport -now Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport) codes.


Old code VTBD/BKK new code VTBS/BKK.



Yes, we know! The point of the post was to alert Dan/Mark to the change so that the airport would appear instead of just VTBS.