Bakersfield Municipal Airport


22-year old Jose Peyan-Leal, suspected of shooting a man and stealing his SUV on Sunday morning, died after being shot by BPD.

The shooting was the unfortunate end of a standoff between police and Peyan-Leal, who reportedly shot 35-year old Julio Diaz in the stomach and took his white Dodge Durango. A chase ensued, ending when Peyan-Leal crashed through a fence at Bakersfield Municipal Airport and flipped the vehicle. Police surrounded the wreckage and ordered him out of the vehicle to no avail. He was shot while attempting to run away from the scene.

Preliminary reports indicate a gun, suspected to be the one Peyan-Leal used in the car-jacking, was found near the body.

The victim of the theft was last reported in guarded condition at Kern Medical Center.


Keep in mind that there are two airports in Bakersfield:

KBFL = Bakersfield-Meadows Field
L45 = Bakersfield Municipal Airport

The article seems to infer the latter airport rather than Meadows.



I stopped at Meadows for the night on my way to TX and was surprised by a few things. All the Bonanzas in the pattern, the old abandoned terminal that was once used by Mexicana Airlines, the lack of helpfulness from the girl at the front desk of Atlantic Aviation, although the line guys were great, and finally, the largely displaced threshold on 30R. I think I’ll try the Municipal Airport next time…or maybe just not go to Bakersfield :smiley:


Please, no offense to those from Bakersfield, but I would suggest if you are in Bakersfield at night to definitely land at Meadows!


Well, Bakersfield is known as the armpit of CA for a reason. That would be why I decided to GTFO.

As far as L45, there is a small cafe there (as mentioned in the story), but other than that, it is in a crap part of town, and not much is around it. The Bonanzas are from the flight school at the north end of the field (name is escaping me right now…little help Satine?). No idea why they have the threshold like they do on 30R except if memory serves me correct, it has something to do with an agreement with the neighborhoods in the pattern, especially final, to keep the noise down by having the touchdown points farther down the field. When you departed, you would have taken off from the beginning of the threshold. Again, long, LONG time since I asked about this, so my memory is a little fuzzy.


Like pika my memory is a little fuzzy too. The displaced threshold came with the runway extension agreement.
The Bonanza’s are from International Flight Training Academy or something like that. I hear them on liveatc over at SBP using “IFTA” as the call signs. Most of the accents sound Japanese.


Exactly, what is the rational for this lil diddy? Do turning airplanes make that much more noise?



Housing tract on right base, they want you on final going by them instead of over them.


Ohhh, good thing I wasn’t flying. I’d been busted since I don’t fly a 747 pattern.

I only read it to remain above 300 AGL, and turn a high final.

Looking at airnav, I practically could turn base at the runway end of the DT for as long as the DT is.


yup, when they built the extension and added the DT it moved the traffic pattern over houses on what is now a close in right base. Before the runway work the houses were obviously close to the airport but normally didn’t get aircraft flying directly overhead.


The DT as SBGP is almost as long as our entire runway! :open_mouth: