Two killed near Redlands Airport. (SoCal)

Just happened, red and white experimental and that’s about all I can tell. Looks like he spun into an orchard as there is no damage to surrounding trees.

REDLANDS, Calif. – A small, single-engine airplane has crashed near the Redlands Municipal Airport, killing the two people who were on board.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the experimental plane crashed Wednesday afternoon in an orange grove about a mile away from the airport.

He says the plane, called a Quad City Challenger, was registered to a Carlsbad resident.

Gregor says the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash.


I was always wary of experimental aircraft… especially home-built ones (I assume there are “mass” produced experimentals?). I’m sure there are people who would pull out numbers and all that crap to show that it’s safe but, if multi-billion dollar aircraft manufacturers screw up, then imagine “Joe the tax evader”.

As far as I am concerned, ALL aircraft are experimental. Some more so than others.

well they put the propeller on the wrong end of the plane. flying with an
engine and propeller on the aft part of the plane is like trying to drive a fork lift or a shopping cart backwards or a car in reverse, its almost impossible.
sure its quieter and you dont have the propeller blocking your view. The gene pool is a little cleaner now. still a shame tho.

There’s nothing wrong with a home built aircraft. I do know if I was building one and it was going to be my butt or the butts of my loved ones in that aircraft that I would inspect it more closely than the aircraft manufacturers do.

Your last three “sentences” are repugnant. Look it up. You can’t stay on a subject for more than a couple of words at a time, keyboard diarrhea, have some respect, and grow up.


Wow, I’ve seen some ignorant posting, but that might be a new record

Brings it closer to home. This guy had a bunch of videos on line.

Thats terrible. Very sad.

And to MeekRns post; theres many aircraft with the prop in the rear…The old SEABEE and the Lake Renegade immediately come to mind that still fly today. Just food for thought. And by the looks of it (the video) that little bugger seems to be humming right along. :confused:

Didn’t know you were an aeronautical engineer… :unamused:

A rear engined (pusher) configuration is both longitudinally and directionally stabilizing.

The velocity can cruise at 200+ knots having its prop on the “wrong” end.

where is cfijames on this? He’ll set us right about props on the wrong end of the plane

It ain’t the wrong end, it is just a pusher…

He’s home with the baby this week, but I’ll take his place to say both he and the Wright brothers have and had it right.


Wright brothers:

well said

ok, I stand corrected.

:question: So what about rear-engined cars? Even worse, mid-engined cars! How dangerous must that be? It would be like driving a car half in drive, and half in reverse! What kind of crazy people are buying pusher planes??? Over 5 mil for an Italian deathtrap! Or the NAL Saras that the Indians are building…what kind of people make deathtraps to sell? I’ll tell you who… freaking idiots are who… lets make a petition. :unamused: