Backup Mutability data, ahead of rebuild?

Morning gents,

Currently running Jo’s ADSB-Reciever image, the latest v2.01.

Due to my own lack of experience with Linux (learning, but never need to use it before), I’ve managed to screw up the dump1090 gmaps in the image; most of the other functions in ADSBR work, but the main issue is the live gmap never loads any aircraft, the map etc loads in the background, but the load bar just keeps cycling and never actually loads anything…

Unless someone can think of anything to fix this, I’m planning on flattening that image and rebuilding it, straight into the latest ADSB-R image.

I’ve been running various releases of the image for a few weeks / couple of months now.

Which files do I need to backup and restore into the new image, to keep this data?



You don’t need to wipe everything out just purge then reinstall the dump1090-mutability package.

Note that this will remove all dump1090-mutability related files so any changes you may have made your dump1090-mutability configuration files will need to be set again.
depending on the architecture of your device the .deb package may be named differently as well.

cd ~/adsb-receiver/build/
sudo apt-get purge dump1090-mutability
sudo dpkg -i dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev_amd64.deb

After doing so you should end up with a pristine straight off the showroom floor dump1090-mutability install just as you did when you first set up your device.

Anyways as far as backups go the important files containing historical data would be…

The contents of the directory /var/lib/collectd/rrd/localhost.
If this is a Lite or Advanced install using SQLite install the contents of the directory /var/www/html/data/.
If this is an Advanced install using MySQL dump your database to a file using mysqldump.

After doing so setup your image as normal afterwards replace the backed up files in their proper location.
However I never attempted to restore something in this way so I recommend the first option over this one.

Good man - thanks JP! :slight_smile:

Will sort this out tonight, using the purge method as you suggest.