B-17 Flying Fortress

Noticed N9563Z en route today. I love those old warbirds and those that keep 'em flying!

  • Earl

Its always a sight to behold when one of those fly over love em.

EAA’s B-17 is comming in August 18th to KCDW (Essex County Airport) come out and enjoy the rides and tour !!! :exclamation:

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Has anyone here done the B-17 flight? They are coming to my local airport this summer, and think I might go for it.

I wish!

They were offering flights in them at the KBAB open house over the weekend! Unfortunately they were $430 per flight. :frowning:


$399 here if you’re not an EAA member.

I took a flight in “Nine O Nine” a while back. It was worth every penny of the contribution. For the love of aviation, and history, it’s just something that ya gotta do…

There are a few B-17s and only two B-24s flying. They go on national topurs once a year so anyone can get a chance to see them flying, you just have to keep your eyes open as far as their schedules.
I like to chase them here and there with a camera and a big lens. I have hundreds of photos of the few flying B-17s and B-24s but not enough time to upload the photos somewhere. Check out a few that I have posted here:


The B-17 and B-24 were here a couple of years ago,took a ride in the B-17 cost a pretty penny about 400.00 but now can say ive been flying in one.Love the old warbirds,I used to be in Cap and got to work a few airshows with the Commerative Air Force,nice seeing the B-29,B-17,B-25,B-24 all flying around.

I would love to be in Truckee when “Aluminum Overcast” comes in. I would definitely pay the $400 for a ride over Lake Tahoe in a B-17…


Another satisfied customer!

(Although what I really want in this photo is Mark’s Mooney M20!)

How long was the flight? Do you get to sit in the gun turret?

I was on a trip and we were at Kendall-Tamiami. The Collings Foundation had their B-17 (Nine O Nine) and their B-25 (Tondelayo) on display outside the little museum there on the field. My flying partner and I had wandered in different directions looking at the various displays when my cell phone started to ring. He’s on the other end and say’s “I signed us up for a B-17 ride. Get over here and pay up!” :laughing:

So we receive our briefing from a member of the crew, insert our ear-plugs, and climb in. Most of us end up on the floor with a back cushion and are restrained by a nylon strap attached to the airframe. Once airborne we flew out over Biscayne Bay and around the northern parts of the Keys. We were at 2500 ft above the water and it was gorgeous. During the tour everyone was allowed to get up, move around, and check out all of the crew stations. I won’t spoil it by describing the visceral effects…not that I could adequately do it anyway. It’s just something that you have to experience. It was one the most enjoyable, and quickest, 30 min periods of my life. http://www.websmileys.com/sm/fingers/fing32.gif

I’ll try to get some of my pics uploaded to Photobucket later and post a few.

Looking forward to that Mark, in the interim:

A few from my day with “Nine O Nine”

And the sun sets after another hard day at the office… :wink:


If I spend $400 for a short flight I expect to sit in a seat, preferably the jump seat in the cockpit!

I flew with the Collings Foundation several years ago on relocation flight from Tamiami to Marathon aboard the B24. This photo is taken of the B17 along the way.