AWE20 on 9/2/06

My first post! What happened to AWE20 on 9/2? It flew over California and then turned around back to PHX. Then it spent a few hours over the MOA’s and restricted areas in Southern Arizona. Was it burning off fuel then? Do 757’s have the ability to dump fuel? And finally, does anyone know what necessitated the return in the first place.

Thanks … /KPHX/PHNL

I don’t know, but the driver of that crate is a good friend, I’ll try to find out.

Almost seems like it was some mechanical issue that would prevent them from going all the way to Hawaii, but would not prevent them from going all the way back to PHX.

I guess if you have to burn off fuel, you might as well go back to PHX in the process.

Right from the horse’s lips:

“They had a left hyd system fail, and had to hold to burn off gas… maint decided it was easier/cheaper to burn off the gas, than have them land overweight and have to do a lengthy gear teardown and inspection…”

Then my friend had his own problems on the same flight the very next day!

“Going out to HNL Sunday we had a spoiler fault a few minutes after takeoff from PHX, maint told us, since the spoiler system is not an overwater system, to continue to the island…”

Life in the fast lane as a heavy metal driver…