Authenication Required Pop-Up Window

Recently, when I’ve attempted to view any airport tracker or flight information, I receive a pop-up window that prompts me to “enter username and password for”. Despite entering my FlightAware username and password, the window continues to pop-up on a continuous basis every time the page updates. I’ve never experienced this action before and desired to know how I can disable this window so I don’t have to continuously click “cancel” while viewing an airport or tracking a flight. Any guidance and/or help will be graciously appreciated.

Can you paste the output of without your session id?

We’ve got someone looking at this.

Are you still experiencing this? I just made a potential fix.

Also, along with Mark’s request above, it would be great if you had a screenshot of the popup window.

I just got it again.

Here is diagnostic, I took a screenshot but I cannot post it anywhere right now. If we had a way to upload it to
you that would be nice (or attach it to this message)

Session Diagnostics

Your browser is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:10.0.3) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0.3
You are not using a mobile device
You may be behind a proxy
- x_forwarded_for:
Your public IP address is
You are currently logged in.
Your username is w7psk
Your user id is 114300
Your session id is 8a332a57442805c024d8c9545e07952ffdfc1b8964aea1b7c8cbc7d6b3c5741c
You can accept cookies from FlightAware
You have successfully logged in to FlightAware with this machine and browser at least one time in the past.
You have never chosen a language (locale).
No default locale detected.
Your region is US US/en_US
Your javascript is working fine.
Time (zulu) is Friday, 06-Apr-2012 19:59:43 GMT
JavaScript system clock: Fri Apr 06 2012 12:59:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
JavaScript timezone offset: 420 minutes (7 hours)
Your account can view 4 months of flight history


Here is the Screenshot

Thanks for the screenshot.

I’ve looked into the issue in depth and I’m pretty confident this is only an issue with your setup (no other users have reported this). Could it be you’ve recently installed/update your firewall, router, etc.? (if you’re on a corporate network, you probably wouldn’t be aware of those changes)

The best way to make sure is to connect to an other network (coffee shop. tethering to a phone, etc.) and see if the issue is still present.

Your correct, I only get it at work Mr Boeing controls that set up :smiley:.

I appreciate all of the assistance and effort related to alleviating my issue. I successfully generated a diagnostic without my FlightAware id which revealed everything was good. I believe the issue has been addressed by w7psk. I have not logged in and observed the issue occurring outside of my corporate network. It appears that there have been some “installed updates/changes” that are causing the window to pop-up given as of the week before last, I was not getting the message.

Again thank you for troubleshooting the issue. I’ll have to deal with adjusting the setup on this end.