No Flight indentification


I think I have a computer problem, on my laptop at home, when I highlight a flight on the area screen I get no
flight information just a barely visable static line. It had worked fine until approximately the last two weeks and
I miss it a lot. My office computer works fine and I have been using flight aware for almost three years and find it
very interesting. I don’t know what has happened to my computer!


I started having the same issue. I rteally miss this feature!


Can you post the output of, without your session id?


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I did find an answer to my computer problem, an adjustment had to be made to the computer, I do
not know why the adjustment had to change after years of using as is. Thanks to all the read the post.

My daughter made the adjustment will be glad to reply when answer known. Thanks again

Compatibility view was check in internet explorer viewing options, need compatibility view off. I don’t
know why mine would have changed except possibly in an automatic update.


Very interested to hear the adjustment you made.