ATC game - Warning it may be time consuming . . .

Okay, last warning, do not click,

plays a 30 second commercial first, then time for stress . . .

ATC game watch out for Air Force One!!!

This one is cool too. … controller

I played that game for several years.

I regret to inform the people of the United States that the president is dead! (Whooops!)

Forget sayin’ “whooops!”

Just curious Will, do you generally want to see the President dead or is it just this one?

I know you’re from Texas, and being a shitkicker myself I can understand where you’re coming from, but do you really think the last guy did such a great job? I can think of several other times that you’ve mentioned that you’d like to see the current President dead. Do you realize what a childish and idiotic statement that is?

I understand that you’re young and haven’t seen much or been too many places. I understand that your world view and what passes for your political views are based on that of your parents and immediate surroundings. But really, show a tiny bit of maturity.

If you want to comment on the current President, why not make an intelligent statement based on facts and his actual job performance?

Personally, I think both parties are useless, but I’m not about to sit here and spout drivel about how I wish the President was dead.

Just a thought

Too late Fly, Will’s probably already experienced his first body cavity search, shackled, bound, blindfolded and headed for Gitmo by now.

I’ve got some, uh…friends, who could hook him up. If ya know what I mean :wink:

Depends on what you mean by “hook him up”? - If you figuratively AND literally mean “hook him up”, then yes - I know what you mean, and I have some friends too - actually, one of my best friends makes good money doing that kind of work for the feds…

I’ve never said I want him dead.

And if you want me to comment on our current president, based on facts and job performance… F!!! Not an… Uhhhh. B+.

And my world views and “political” views are not based on that of my parents. :unamused:

Dont be scared Will…a couple of shiny black suvs and men in black soon at your door means nothing…they’re just there to ask you a few questions.

Gtmo is kind of nice this time of year.

Based on facts and performance? You’ll need to expand on that bro.

:laughing: the weather…

Oh I’m not scared… If they come to my house they will just meet a but load of lead! :wink:

Whoah there David Koresh! Easy - you need to move to Montana with that kind of attitude. Oh - and the FBI and ATF love a challenge - I’d say they’d call your bluff…

My money is on the FBI and ATF. No offense Will…

I don’t care pika.

The only way they’d get me is to kill me… And I’m sure that would be fine with all of y’all!

We don’t want any more deaths, dying or losing any members on here (at least I don’t) - as crazy as you guys are. Arrests made because of what are deemed as threats aren’t any better. That’s why I try and remind you to watch what you post. Seriously - one of my best friends is a SA in the FBI - he specializes in all white collar crime and spends about half his week investigating internet happenings. Granted, alot of it is child porn-type stuff, but trust me - they do watch and they do take it all very seriously. What you may deem a nonchalant remark may not be taken so lightly by authorities - it happens every single day to people that didn’t give a second thought to what they posted in a public forum on the internet. I promise.

Ditto. Couldnt have said it better.

Meanwhile back to this stupid &#*^&#(%& game I played for 2 hours last night… :laughing:

John in Saudi :cry: