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Asiana Boeing 777 Crash Lands At SFO! Airport Closed!

edition.cnn.com/2013/07/06/us/ca … -incident/

A sad day in aviation! There has been another loss of a Boeing 777! Asiana Flight 214, reg. HL7742 from Seoul crash landed on SFO’s Runway 28R! Reports say 2 have died and 70 injured! There is no explanation as to what happened! One engine and the tail section behind the aft pressure bulkhead became separated from the aircraft! Eyewitnesses described a large brief fireball upon the aircraft landing, and a second large explosion minutes after the impact, with a large, dark plume of smoke rising from the fuselage! Evacuation slides were deployed on one side of the plane, and were used to evacuate the passengers! On the news, some were leaving the plane with their carry-ons! RIP to those who died!

Anyone know what happened!

SFO Tower: soberbuildengineer-com.s3.amazon … -Crash.mp3

From the pictures I’ve seen of the seperated tail section it looks like they whacked the tail on the runway.

It’ll be a long time before we know what happened. In the mean time try and resist the ! On your keyboard.

You make it sound like the 777 is dropping out of the sky left and right! This is only the 3rd crash of the 777. Not a bad record for an aircraft that has been flying for nearly 20 years and has 100’s of aircraft in service. Of the 2 other aircraft, one was a British Airways aircraft that crashed on landing at London Heathrow. The other one was an Egyptair aircraft on the ground. It had a cockpit fire.
Sources: aviation-safety.net/database/rec … 20110729-0 (Egyptair). This is the first crash with any fatalities.

There won’t be an explanation for many months, if not a year or more. Aircraft crash investigation is not something done quickly. It is a methodical investigation.

Amen! Me thinks AerospaceAirAviation wants to be a tabloid reporter!

It’s unlikely that there is a single cause to this accident. If you look at historical crashes, there is almost always a series of events that lead to the final outcome. I expect that the NTSB will uncover not one but several contributing factors.

The 2 fatalities may have been caused because people were trying to get all of their luggage. This just speculation by me, but in one picture people clearly have their carryon baggage.

Ah yes. Thinking the worst about people over the impact or smoke would have zero to do with it.

It’s really too early to speculate on the deaths and it is also tacky, too.

A sad day. Mourning the loss of those killed, the loss of HL7742, and the loss of the perfect zero-fatality record of the amazing Boeing 777.

The 2 dead bodies were found on the runway.

Jim- are you the new swinging d$&k on the forum here? Cause you seem to want to correct everyone, or point out that they’re wrong.

Didn’t mean to take your place. Have at it. And he was wrong, FWIW.

All we can do is wait for answers from the NTSB… All we know is that 2 of the passengers who died were Chinese Passport Holders, and all 307 passengers have been accounted for… Eyewitnesses and passengers can be a great help in solving this investigation. Earlier on CNN, reporters said the two black boxes arrived at headquarters in DC.

Correct. It has been rumored that the pilots might have not used ILS because the system was down, and the VASI Lights weren’t functioning. If you haven’t seen the Flight Track Log of AAR214, look at the last 2 minutes. flightaware.com/live/flight/AAR2 … O/tracklog

We all know it’ll be a long wait… Is it a problem whether he uses the “!” so many times? Cause, you make it sound like a huge problem…

I don’t believe that AerospaceAirAviation is “making it sound like the 777 is dropping out of the sky left and right!”. You should stop putting words into people’s mouth. He probably knows that this is the first accident where passengers have died on a Boeing 777, and he knows that it has had a good safety record for over 20 years with many taking off and landing all across the globe…

Me thinks AerospaceAirAviation would make a better tabloid reporter than rw812!

His use of the exclamation mark make it sounds like he thinks the 777 is dropping out of the sky all of the time. (Yes, punctuation means something!).

Well I am sorry you feel that way! I must be the dumbest user on this site that doesn’t know when to use periods instead of exclamation points. Nobody’s perfect! According to you, it looks like I should stop using this site.

Not sure what your beef is. The OP specifically stated in his post that there “was no explanation for the crash.” I stated it was going to be awhile. You reaffirmed that. As to the the comment about excessive use of exclamation points, I apologize for the desire to perpetuate good punctuation amongst the youth. Just wait, I may start hassling folks about the Oxford comma, next…

The smartest thing to do is quote one of the post that you are replying to. Like I am doing right now. And let me tell you, if I, or anybody else, feel like using an exclamation point in a sentence instead of using the common period, they should! Like I did in the previous sentence. It doesn’t matter about " the desire to perpetuate good punctuation". You sound like you are saying exclamation points shouldn’t be used period…

Exclamation points are nowhere near as annoying as pointless, off-topic waffling.

Ooops :blush:

It was an ellipsis… And I did quote the relevant portion. It was in quotes.