NBC11 Obtains Exclusive Up-Close Photos Of SFO Collision

Photos and News Story

SAN FRANCISCO – The Federal Aviation Administration has begun reviewing audiotapes from the air traffic control tower at San Francisco International Airport to determine how two United Airlines jets collided next to a terminal.

FAA Preliminary Report

Only problem is that it’s not two United jets. It’s a United jet and a Skywest dba United Connection jet.

Yeah - like the two would NEVER be confused in the mainstream. :unamused:

Those pictures are like a metphor for UAL.

they “are like a metaphor” or they are a metaphor. Keep your similes out of your metaphors, buster.

Who are you and what have you done with Dami?

That’s what wing walkers are supposed to prevent.

If it was “like a metaphor” wouldn’t it by a simile?

That’s what wing walkers are supposed to prevent.


What would’ve happened if that were one of the “stealth” UA paintjobs (such as on the CRJ). That tail would’ve been severed.

That hurts to look at! I hate to see cases of aircraft mutilation.

Oh well, Job security for drug screeners, and mechanics.

Like I told the detectives, I was out of town at the time.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

He sure got that right - did he meet Dami?

Sooo, Dami provides a fact, and you chastise him for it?

Sounds like Mr. Emerson’s quote is more appropriate for you…

You mean the “HOBGOBLIN” part… 8)

Oh “my God” - you said the “A” word - shamey shamey shamey on you - nasty word around here & so is “God” - so FlightBeware… :smiley:

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Well hopefully it’s not that PC here that I can’t use a word to express something. I said “Amen”, if offended by it, please sub it with “exactly”, “right on”, or any other suitable replacement. My lack of beliefs make my use of that word nothing more than a creative way to express agreement.

I’m not here for anything but my true faith, religion and way of life,(of course due to lack of funding I don’t live it as much as I’d like) AVIATION!!!

AMEN! (which is a common Hebrew word meaning ‘truely’ and only used much later in a religious context by Christians).

Take your pick & so be it:


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