As many as 2,000 jobs and a new jet aircraft facility;

As many as 2,000 jobs and a new jet aircraft facility could be coming to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, WRAL News has learned.

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For what it’s worth. Here in CHM the folks at NJA and FSI are both saying that Flt. Ops will stay in CMH and so will most of upper mngt. Owner services (customer service) and sales may move. They are looking to open up another MX base though.

The City of Columbus has also made some nice offers to NJA to stay here, they’ve been here since their inception and the city has always been good to them.

As far as the article, with out checking I bet the cost of living in Raligh v Columbus are equal LINK, it may even be higher near RDU.

Also there are a lot of colleges there, but um…isn’t the largest college campus/student population right here in Columbus. And there are about 12 more colleges within a hours drive.

Bottom line, from what I know; NJA is looking to expand. They want to do it outside of Columbus. They don’t want to change what they do in Columbus though.

note to my creditability: I work for a large simulator training center in CHM that trains NJA pilots. So I see and talk to them and their bosses everyday. I’m note saying anymore, I don’t want to be dooced

Of course if they did move, I’d be screwed. :open_mouth:

Someday when I own a national/international company and I have to search for a new location, I’m going to make sure it’s in one of the corners.

Why so? I think FedEx put their hub at Memphis due, in part, to its proximity to the center of population of the US. That makes good sense for the logistics of distribution within the country. Cost of living also appears to be quite low there. I think that’s where I’d put my HQ. As for international companies, New York or Los Angeles makes the most sense to me, depending on which part of the world your particular company deals with primarily.