Millville Municipal, KMIV

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Newbie here again…

I’m just curious if anyone can offer any insight into why there is so much jet traffic at KMIV. The airport doesn’t seem to be espescially close to anything in particular; including Philadelphia or Atlantic City. Do they give fuel away or something?

For those looking to pounce on a newbie, I used the search link at the top of this page and have not seen this topic discussed.

I look forward to your answers.

Check out their airport page at
There’s several golf courses nearby. They also have Foreign Trade Zone status, Federal Empowerment Zone, and Urban Enterprise Zone benefits.

MIV is home to Worldwide Jet Charter. They have a fleet of heavy private jets. MIV is also home to Dallas Airmotive, a maintenance contractor that specializes in the overhaul and heavy maintenance of turbine engines.

They also do have the cheapest fuel around, but it is rarely worth “hopping over” to another airport for fuel

Sure it does.

KJAN averages 5.40 a gallon
M16 17 miles away 3.85 a gallon

Me to fill up 50 gallons in my Sundowner. You do the math.

You bet your bottom dollar I will give M16 my business.


There’s not much of anything in the surrounding area that would draw lots of jets. The previous answers are right-on. Dallas Airmotive does a lot of heavy checks and other jet maintenance. Millville’s FSS closed down about 2 years ago when the roof collapsed following a snow storm (it was slated to close anyway with the Lockheed deal going through), though they still operate as an advisory for the airport area.
An acquaintance of mine keeps 8 or so of his airplanes there. The other 4 or so he keeps at Red Lion (N73). (he has 12 altogether, but I don’t know which ones are where)

I apologize, I’m a local to MIV so I see their ads all the time. They advertise cheap Jet A.

In my XL, I would burn about 165 gallons of fuel on the leg from PNE-MIV, (which is only 45 NM straight line, thanks Philly Approach) on the leg back I’d burn about 90 gallons for a loss of 255 gallons of “wasted” fuel.

We pay about $.15 more at our home base than at MIV. If an average top is ~600 gallons, we would need to take around 7000 gallons to break even. The airplane only holds 1000 gallons.

That’s a lot of gerry cans! :smiley:

P.S. Has Atlantic done anything about that HORRIFIC bathroom at KJAN? It’s absolutely nauseating.

At the rate Mississippi moves, probably not! Nasty is an understatement…

I’m based in KMBO, and do all I can to avoid KJAN for reasons like you state, plus, get this, they now have a 25 dollar handling fee for a spam can like me!

Waived of course if you buy a minimum of 20 gallons of fuel. Give me a break, jeeeze louiseee, I may use 4 quarts of fuel from MBO to JAN and most of that is taxiing. Can’t imagine what they charge for bigger planes!

Only reason I go there is for my .411 and .413 check as they are the only avionics show in town where I can leave the plane and come back for it without my wife driving timbucktoo to pick me up.