ARTCC Frequencies

I would like to program my scanner to listen to traffic that is overflying my area (Baton Rouge LA). I have all the frequencies for my local airport (KBTR) but can find very few resources for the Houston Control Center that handles the en-route traffic thru this area. Does anyone have a good source?

A few ideas are given in This Thread.

Additionally, this page may answer your specific question.

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You might also want to try:
This gives you live communication between controllers and pilots from different areas across the US. Click on the top left “LIVE ATC AUDIO FEEDS” and it will take you to the links for each site.

I looked real quick but didn’t see anything for HOU yet, but they are adding sites all the time so keep looking. Go to the site and you will be impressed with how many facilities they have now.

Airport Facility Directory (AF/D) lists frequencies (and a lot of other info) for each airport. You can also look up center frequencies in the low enroute IFR map. Go to your local FBO and ask if they have any expired charts, if you’re lucky you’ll get them for free.

Check out this link for a list of frequencies in the Houston Center area.

You can also view current charts at