are you lucky ,punk ?, hell ya, i am...spider gp VS coco..

got my home cooked coco ready.
dual setup ,so i could quick make screenshots.

the funny thing below antenna is a sat amp, powered by injector.
8 elements homebrew coco ^^

screenshot spider GP VRS

screenshot 8 elements coco VRS

now i only need to glue the stuff.

And so the fun ended as it started.
moved antenna to atic, and it performed 15% LESS as the spider GP.
i am having a big WTF? moment here.
any sugestions.
when i moved the antenne outside, all works.

Roofs can severely attenuate radio signals, especially at the 1+Ghz range.
It will be much worse if they contain metal.

all wood, but its strange that it didnt efect the spider gp.
i only guess its becouse of the small size of the GP.
hmm, enough stuff left to make a 2 elements coco for testing that

Those two images look identical apart from the current planes.
I never get such consistency.
There is always slight differences but every peak on your charts look the same. Even ones with tiny little peaks and excursions.
Are you sure you reset the chart between swapping antennas?
Just a slight change in the weather or time of day can cause noticeable differences in the maximum distances map for me.

i got a dual setup.
2 Rpi’s, the spider GP is feeding to FA.
the other is pure for testing.
but both antenna’s where 4 meter placed from each other, that could be the weard patern.
but i guess you referer to the grey peaks, no i didnt reset them.