Oh my, what a difference moving the antenna outside makes!

Just finally had the time to mount our antenna on the roof of one of the hangars here… holy cow what an IMMEDIATE difference it made! I mean, I knew it would, but I’m not sure I was expecting this much.

-RPi-2B (Running mostly stock piaware image)
-Homemade 8 legged spider using the SO-239 instructions and 8 gauge wire
-Mounted about 30 feet in the air
-RG6 run to dongle, just shy of 40 feet – no amps or filters (yet)

This may not even be the final mounting point at this location, there’s a better spot up on the peak of the main hangar about another 20 feet up… but that’s gonna require an extensive ethernet run and re-routing some power to the location. Which is actually planned already for a runway facing outdoor camera, but it will be sometime later this summer.

For the meantime, I’m very pleased! Just thought I’d share.

NICE!.. Mine is outside but need to get above the trees… If we work at it a little bit, we will be able to overlap our rings! (hope it doesn’t have the same affect as crossing beams in Ghostbusters!)

Columbus, OH KCMH

HA! Right!?!

I’m totally hooked on the tweaking of it now… can’t wait to get some amp’ing and filtering going on! would like to stretch out as far as I can.

Good luck to you, and I’ll keep ya posted on my end… we’ll see if we can get some good long range overlap for sure!

I’d put the FlightAware antenna from Amazon
amazon.com/1090MHz-ADS-B-Ant … 1437590618
rather than a home made spider at the peak of the hanger - It’s a bargain and if well mounted will never need attention come rain or shine. The amplifier will also have more to work with.