Are these features even possible?

1 - Is there any way to show the “N” number of the actual aircraft for airline flights and others that fly under company call signs?

2 - Is there a way to display the Mode-3 squawk code for each flight? What about a Mode-3 code search feature for codes in use at that moment?

  1. No; to correlate the two we would need ACARS data (or a lot of people sitting in airport parking lots with binoculars and a lot of time on their hands) and we don’t have a feed for that.

  2. No; we don’t receive the squawk code from the FAA, only the flight identifier.

So if I understand correctly, the N number from the flight plan is not available along with the other flight data. :question: And, apparantly the Mode-3 is also not able to be passed along either in their data sent to you.

That’s correct.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

Inquiring minds wanted to know (and dream). :bulb: