Apology for Statement made on Runway in Alaska


To the Flight Aware Board and Staff. I want to apologize for making a statement that did come off as in all people being the bad guys. I did not intend this to sound that way. To Mr. Wallace I also apologise too. I went off just because I thought you ment the Villages in Alaska. One must be careful in how they word something as a person or or a group (Nationality) will take the statement wrong.
I also want to apologise to the Members of Flight Aware too. I didn’t mean for this to say you all did a wrong to natives all over the World. This was done by a select few people from different Nationalities and a different time. Which snowballed when the issuses were brought up from time to time. We as a world have tried to learn from these mistakes and once in awhile someone will word or verbally say something that was not intended to be taken that way.
That is All