Wife just landed in San Fran. Runway incursion

She just landed and let me know that Alaska Air flight 220 had to waive off due to a UAS Heavy crossing the runway as her flight was about to touchdown.

Power up, pull, turn and burn and then get lined up again.

Not what I wanted to hear…ya know?

archive-server.liveatc.net/ksfo/ … -1630Z.mp3

7:50 ASA220 checks in with tower and cleared to land 28L
9:40 UAL893 told to cross 28L “no delay”
10:10 UAL893 “expedite”
10:20 ASA220 “Go around”

I completely understand it’s not something you want to hear. Listen how cool all the voices are in the ATC tape. The “pros” around here (I’m not a pro) will probably tell you it’s no big deal and things worked exactly as they should in order to keep everyone safe.