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Southwest flight skids off end of runway at Burbank Airport


Reports are that the pilot announced that the flight will have a rough landing. While landing, the flight ended up sideways (according to the news people) and was stopped by an Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) that stopped it from crashing through the fence onto the street, Hollywood Way. So the EMAS worked.

I am curious to know why the flight landed there. Normally aircraft would divert to another airport when they know the landing will be dangerous. I assume there is a very good reason why the flight had to land there but I am curious about what that is. I am sure the pilot did the best he or she could do under the circumstances and I am interested in understanding what the circumstances were.

I am not a pilot myself but I am familiar with the area. Apparently the aircraft ended up at the end of the runway next to Hollywood Way and about 500 feet from the (main) airport entrance. I grew up about a mile from where the aircraft landed and for about 7 years I worked about 2,000 feet from where it landed.

I know that about two years ago a plane did crash through the fence and ended up on Hollywood Way before it stopped. I assume the EMAS was installed after that.