Southwest flight 1245 emergency landing at KTPA

Diverted to Tampa because of smoke in the cabin - passengers evacuated down slides … /KMCO/KDEN

I’d be really pissed had I paid the extra $10 for a good seat! … s.fees.cnn

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AP news story

Firefighters confirmed there was smoke in the cabin, but SWA denied it. :question:

From Aviation Hearald;

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, flight WN-1245 from Orlando,FL to Denver,CO (USA) with 124 passengers and 5 crew, diverted to Tampa,FL after the crew reported smoke and possibly fire in the lavatory while climbing through FL270. The airplane landed safely on runway 18L 18 minutes later, the passengers were evacuated via slides.

The airport reported, that fire fighter confirmed the presence of smoke in the aircraft.

The airline reported, that a fire alarm in the rear lavatory had gone off, but there was no smoke or fire.

Passngers reported a strong smell of smoke on board.

18 MINUTES later? They couldn’t find a set of stairs in 18 minutes? So they turned a non-injury event into minor injuries?

Another diversion today;

A Southwest Airlines 737 jetliner with a possible “flap problem” was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport today and landed safely, authorities said.

The plane – flight 3419 from Phoenix to Burbank – was about to land at Bob Hope Airport when the pilot decided about 8:50 a.m. to divert to LAX, said Ian Gregor of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The jetliner landed safely at 9:24 a.m., Gregor said. The aircraft will be inspected to determine if there was a problem with the flaps, Gregor said. … /KPHX/KBUR

It means it took them 18min to divert to TPA.