Planes Comes Within 100 Feet on L.A. Airport Runway

Another “near miss”?,2933,569 … latestnews

Wouldn’t that be a “near hit”? :imp:

Is that you George?

Its a Pilot Deviation and a Runway Incursion.

Maybe they were texting.

Or on their laptops discussing company policies…

What was the weather like then?

It was clear yesterday afternoon on the ground. I was checking out the webcams at LAX around that time.

Thanks pika. I need to watch those webcams more.

Man, well you almost got a show! (and those webcams are now called “evidence” I think")

Only if it happened on the 25L/25R side (south).

It was on the south side. The Midwest E190 landed on 25L, exited on a taxiway to the right (not sure which one) and was instructed to hold short of 25R, upon which the Northwest B753 was departing.