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API Billing

Hello Administrator

I would like to ask how does API Billing charge the fee?There is a fee of 7 dollars on my bill now. I would like to know how it is charged

Does this help?

Flight Status API / Flight Tracking API / FlightAware API - FlightAware

Additionally, when logged in, you can view invoiced and unsettled AeroAPI query activity here:

This page can also be reached from the top of the FlightAware main pages under the “My AeroAPI” → “View Activity” link.

Thank you. I have learned about my bill. I also want to know how to pay this bill.How often are payments usually made?

Hello Dogrock

Could you please give me a solution?

The FA staff is not checking in frequently. I would send an e-Mail to them.

AeroAPI usage is normally billed on a monthly basis. More information can be found in the AeroAPI FAQ.