DirectFlight Billing Question


One other question:

Is there any way to check on my usage of DirectFlight (# of queries, account balance, etc.)? How often is my account charged for use?


DirectFlight settles your current transactions with your FlightAware billing account every few minutes. The FlightAware billing system settles your account balance with your credit card every month.

The ability to check on your number of queries and previous credit card transactions is coming soon (this week), both through the web site and through the API.

I haven’t seen anything about looking at “current balance” since the per-transaction rate is variable based on your monthly utilization. However, it could roughly estimate your current balance by assuming that your query rate will remain consistent through the remainder of your billing cycle.

As you know, this is a new product and so we welcome any feedback you have on the system and pricing models as it evolves.


Sweet. Thanks for the info.


Billing information is available here now.