Estimating the cost of execution of an AeroAPI call apriori


Is it possible to get an estimate of the cost that will incur through an AeroAPI call prior to its execution? If yes, how? For example, I am looking for a live stream of data of ALL flights that are within a bounding box and flying below and above a specific altitude. The API call that I have come up with for this is below. If I execute this every 5 seconds, how do I know how much I would incur in costs? Of course, I do realize that the number of flights within the bounding box is variable. But, it would be great if there is a way to know the approximate cost of execution at any particular instant but prior to actually executing it so there are no surprises after! Thanks in advance.

GET /flights/search
-latlong “35 -70 45 -85” -belowAltitude 42000 -aboveAltitude 20


You can view the breakdown of costs by viewing the page I have linked below.

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Thank you @Fischer6385. I have already looked at that page and am still confused about how the pricing works. I would appreciate it if you can please clarify.

Let’s assume that I sign up for the “Standard” plan which is $100 per month. It looks like I can make at most 5 API calls/queries of the kind below each second. But, let’s assume I make only 1 query per second. For each query, the price is 5 cents per result set. And, each ‘result set’ is defined as 15 results/records. Does each result/record correspond to a flight instance? Unless the query is executed, I would not know how many records are in the response and therefore, would not know the total cost to be expected. If all of this makes sense so far, my question is, is there a way to get an estimated total cost per each query that I would execute beforehand so there are no surprises? TIA.

GET /flights/search
-latlong “35 -70 45 -85” -belowAltitude 42000 -aboveAltitude 20

There is no functionality like that within the API, but if you are worried about a query surprising you and returning a larger result set, you could always use the max_page parameter to limit the results set.

You can make a call to count the number of aircraft within the box using AeroAPI Developer Portal - FlightAware before to see how many pages you would need. 15 flights is a single page. Keep in mind, aircraft are constantly moving in and out of the box, so it would be an estimate. You would need to do the calculation as far as costs per returned page times number of pages requested per second/minute on your own based on the output from the count query. That would possibly help.

Keep in mind, altitudes are expressed in feet per 100, so if you are attempting to get below 42000, you would do -belowAltitude 420 not 42000.