Anyone know why BAW299 diverted to Gander today?

Anyone know why BAW299 diverted to Gander today enroute EGLL to KORD? … /CYQX/KORD

I haven’t heard of any emergencies. What makes you think this flight was a diversion. BAW299 only has Feb 11 in its history, and no mention of a diversion.

If it is a diversion, there were strong westerlies today in the region. Maybe needed to top up on fuel because of strong head winds. Jetstream was around 135kts today right along the N. Atlantic track

Does it usually fly under another flight number?

Here is another divert enroute to KORD:

No news yet, but now I am wondering if BAW299 is just a renumbering of BAW2H. 2H is flied as a 777 and 299 is a 747. The 777 doesn’t appear to have taken off. As well, the 2H flight alternates equipment, 777 one day, 747 the next. BAW website also shows CYQX as a scheduled stop for the 11th for flight 299.

If the weather was better I would dash over on find out first hand.

299 is the actual number of the flight. BAW has 3 flights from London to Chicago: 295, 297, and 299. It looks like they use 2H for flight 299 to reduce call sign confusion and the actual flight number for the other 2 flights.

With the flight diverting to YQX (it’s not a normal stop for the flight), either British or Canadian ATC didn’t see any need to use the 2H call sign.

Here is the incident from the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report (CADORS). Diverted for medical reasons.

Narrative: At 2013Z, BAW2H, Boeing 747-400, enroute from London (EGLL) to Chicago (KORD), declared a medical emergency and requested a diversion to Gander (CYQX). The aircraft was cleared to 33,000 ft. (due to traffic) and re-cleared direct to Gander (from approximately 56/50). The aircraft landed without further incident at 21:35Z. Nil TSB.


What is the URL for this report?

Great reading for all occurrences in Canada each day. Enter into the site, click on query and then enter your criteria. If you want to see them all just enter the date from-to then search away. … splash.htm

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Interesting reading! I wish there was comprehensive a database here in the U.S.

You have to like the writing style of these folks. … tquery.asp and 02/14/2008 date

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User Name: Ridley, Rod
Date: 2008/01/28
Further Action Required: Yes
O.P.I.: Aerodrome Safety
Narrative: The crew of ACA 1872, an A321, reported hitting a coyote on rotation departing from Runway 18 at Winnipeg. Airport staff recovered the remains and the flight crew was notified. They elected to continue to destination. No other aircraft were inconvenienced.

User Name: Ridley, Rod
Date: 2008/02/14
Further Action Required: No
O.P.I.: System Safety
Narrative: UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that this event did not cause any interruption of air traffic nor any reported aircraft damage. Sadly the same cannot be said for the coyote. The airport staff at Winnipeg suggest that this was a young animal and likely not familiar with the hazards associated with airport activity. Coyotes are frequently seen at and around airports but seldom are they struck by ground vehicles or aircraft. In most circumstances they are rather wily creatures.

I googled: Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report (CADORS) and it came right up!

Thanks cahardy!

Heard this one divert to Seattle this morning for ‘an emergency’. Sounded like a medical emergency but they never actually said what it was (that I could hear). They mentioned that the FA’s were trying to wake everyone up.