Anyone have any info on Shaquille Oneal's tail # or plane?

He’s in St. Louis with his reality show “Shaq Vs” taking on Albert Pujols in a homerun hitting contest.

He’s a charter customer…or at least he was while he was in PHX.

When he was in Pittsburgh two weeks ago he was on LSU’s Lear…

on the last episode of his tv show Shaq Versus he competed against Ben Roethlisberger and at the end of the show Ben gave a disclaimer that "private air travel was provided by ___. He said the name of the charter company but the name escapes me. You may be able to find the clip on and then research theit history to get a N#

Apollo Jets. Here’s the story: … hlisberger

And the official site:

Their website leaves much to be desired… :unamused:

Almost seems fake. Their ‘Jumbo’ jets are 727’s, 737’s and 757’s.

Why do they have a picture of an Airtran 717 under the 727 section? :confused: