Anybody Know Anything About a Hurricane???

Does anybody know what a Hawker Hurricane would be doing in Texas???

I saw it Thursday afternoon,(I was outside shooting a stray cat) it took off from CXO and flew over the house. I only saw it for 3 or 4 seconds but the only thing I could make out was an F-4U, but the wings didn’t dip down… It had a very small vertical stabilizer and was really rounded… After researching numerous aircraft the only thing I can find close to what I saw was a Hawker Hurricane??? Weird huh…


If you were shooting a stray cat to kill it, that is absolutely disgusting. If the cat is bothering you then either capture it and give it to a rescue organization or have them capture it for you.

Killing cats just because they are strays is pure BS.

I agree about the cat. Shoot the idiot who didn’t have his cats fixed, not the stray itself. …Good luck getting info on the Hurricane.

There was the friendliest stray cat around my house, and I actually adopted it. How could someone shoot a cat?

(Not that I disagree with not shooting the cat)

Well, when you put something like shooting a cat in the post, this is bound to happen.

The cat was on our property… I have every right to shoot it. By the way, I think it was having kittens under an old trailer in our pasture. And we sure as heck don’t need a ton of kittens running around here…

If you live in the city or in a neighborhood, you sure as crap don’t understand…

Just to give you a sigh of relief, I was at 50 yards with a 40 year old .410 shotgun, I think I just peppered his butt… Dang!!!

I’m not against hunting - provided the animal shot is to be eaten. To shoot an animal just because you don’t like it on your property is wrong and immoral.

To just wound the animal is even more cruel than killing it.

Shame on you!

LOL!! That’s funny.

It’s a Texas thing.