Anybody ever seen a Falcon 2000ex fly this far?



That’s definitely right at the edge of range for a 2000EX. I’m guessing good winds and a really good divert plan.


How about this one for 2000ex range. I did notice that it has the aviation partners winglets. … /PHOG/NZAA


The first flight omg thats far! :open_mouth:

the Hawaiian flight was not as far. :neutral_face:


what do you mean? second flight is 200 nm longer and 45 mins longer flying time!


Did not see that :blush: , but Bangor, Maine to the Mideast is a hell of a flight. :open_mouth:


It is, but it went from Bangor to Greece, a little short of the ‘mideast’ :wink: … al_Airport


Here’s one at the other end of the spectrum, anyone seen a Falcon fly this short, or shorter? … /KBCT/KFXE


Okay I see those flights all the time over here in the Denver area EX: KBJC - KAPA that’s what a 5 min flight?. I find it ridiculous that someone would fly that short unless the owner needs to move that aircraft to that airport. 8) :open_mouth:


That’s kind of the whole point of GA/corporate aviation, the plane goes to wherever the owner wants, whenever the owner wants for convenience sake. Most Falcon owners would prefer to have the jet meet them in the driveway of their house if at all possible.

In the case of the flight you are referring to I imagine Netjets dropped someone off in Boca Thur night and then hopped down to Fort Lauderdale the next morning to pick up the next passenger for their trip. Seems pretty smart and efficient for Netjets in my opinion.


Sure. Same plane a few days earlier. Even shorter “as the crow flies” distance. But a good bit longer in flight time. NYC airspace will do that. … /KLGA/KTEB