Any Flightaware API developers in the SF Bay Area?


I’m currently a student creating a web app with FlightAware API and Javascript. Are any developers in the San Francisco Bay Area that I can use as a resource for questions? This is a 2 wk project, so help would be need between now and the next 2 weeks (until 2/16).

Thanks in advance.


Hey Felicia - I can help if you still need advice/help. Is there anything specific you had in mind?



No specific question yet. I’m working on Google Maps API to ensure that everything works before I tackle FlightAware later this week.
I can probably grab the FA data in python, but I think I need to grab the data in Javascript because I need to output the data to a webpage. Do you use any JS framework for this?


You can probably use AngularJS and use $http to tap into FlightAware’s API. They support JSON so it’ll be really easy to parse through any data you get back (e.g. live flight data feed).


Hi Zain,

Is it true that all of the flight timestamps are in UTC? What’s the best way to determine the time relative to the user using my app (browser)? Javascript? My app is a web app, so it’s not possible to use the GPS phone of the user.
Do you use Javascript promises to make the calls synchronous?



FlightXML2 provides times in UTC because that makes comparing timestamps easier for most people. If you really need local times, you will need to use timezone conversion functions along with the “tz_database” timezone identifier for that origin/destination airport.

FlightXML3 beta provides timestamps in both UTC and localtime.


Thanks for the reply. When is the expected launch of FlightXML3? The functionality that I need is to know the estimated arrival time and delays of a flight. Do you think the functionality is stable for next Friday (my deadline)?

UPDATE: The API looks complete for what I need.


We do not have a precise release date for FlightXML3 planned yet, but it will probably not happen until at least the 2nd half of this year at the soonest. The current functionality of FlightXML3 beta should be reliable enough for applications to rely on it, but be aware that we may still be changing the structures and functions offered until we announce final release.


Thanks for the fast response