Problems retrieving certain data using FlightXML

We’re confronting a dead end with interfacing Flightaware’s API.
Our developers are trying to find a method to get from the API the flight stats (Local departure time, Local arrival time, flight distance, flight status) according to the flight number and date.
Can you pls help us?

Thanks in advance!

FlightInfoEx will return all of the major status information for the flight, however you will need to perform local time conversions yourself as the timestamps returned by FlightXML2 are always UNIX epoch (UTC) timestamps. You can use the “origin” and “destination” fields to know which airport code the flight will be departing or arriving at, and then convert the timestamps for that side of the flight into that airport’s timezone.

If you don’t already have an airport database and their timezones, you can use the AirportInfo function to obtain the timezone identifier string, which you can use the standard IANA “tz database” to perform the actual timezone conversions.

As part of my job as a project manager, we’re looking to pull reliable and accurate flight information (data). However while I appreciate your answer, our developers find the explanation to be vague, we’re trying to see if we can or can’t get the data using this method:

If it’s impossible or too complicated we will have to look elsewhere, thank you

What you’re asking can definitely be done with FlightXML. As I mentioned, the FlightInfoEx function will return you the time and status information that you’re asking for, but you will need to perform the UTC to localtime conversions yourself.

The upcoming version of FlightXML 3 will contain a method that returns timestamps in both UTC and localtime, eliminating the extra conversion steps that you would need to do yourself. If this is an important requirement for you, I can provide you with details to access a beta version of this new API.