Antonov with ridiculously long flight time for route.


Is this some sort of data entry error?


Look at what is shown under the map:

At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area. Learn more about FlightAware’s coverage and service areas here.


Well, it is a turboprop so 6 hours for 1600 miles is about right.


I think he’s querying this:

Distance Direct: 1,870 sm Planned: 1,936 sm Flown: 4,026 sm

which is enough for there and back.


Thanks for the replies. I see that the total time was posted at 6 hours. While en route, the planned time was listed as 16 hours, which is what had me confused.


hmmm, when I click on that link I see 1600+ miles in direct, planned and flown. I don’t see 4000 anywhere.


Nor do I. Now.

Must be the Ministry of Truth at work.


must be.


The long ETE came from ATC. I’m not sure what caused the long distance flown, but it was automatically cleaned up after arrival.


Answered by the Minister hisself.