One fast Bonanza

It is 1021 PDT as I type this.
The actual departure time for this flight is 1030 (!). The best part is it has arrived in Oakland before it left San Luis. The airspeed is not bad either. … /KSBP/KOAK

Did you put instant coffee in the microwave again?
Apologies to Steven Wright, from whom I stole that joke

Flight track says you left ~8:52am PDT and arrived 10:04am PDT, partially inconsistent with the cover page (i.e. your link). Hmm, some anomalies with going supersonic during climbout. :slight_smile: So anyway the FA records are internally inconsistent. I expect your experience was normal, though.

Fun to see flight data that’s askew like that. Any idea how it happened?

LOL, no coffee here. Maybe I should start drinking it though. I was just quoting the cover page. I don’t know how the inconsistencies happen, but it’s not the first one I’ve seen like this.

Proof to the neigh-sayers that time travel truly IS POSSIBLE!!! :slight_smile: