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Antenna Location / filter

Previously I had the antenna above the roof structure but the local police asked me to take it down. As I enjoy using my device, alternatively I installed it at the top of my showroom where it cannot be seen by the officials. I noticed a slight reduction in reception but it is still working well. Today I got a filter and plug into the receiver but so far I have not noticed any difference.

Is this how it is supposed to be connected?

If the filter does not change your reception, it means that you do not have that many electronic distortions.

I have the same setup here. Tried the dark blue filter (1090MHz only) which did not make any change in reception. My limitation is simply the geographical situation which cannot be improved without moving.

For the usage of the filter, you might need to increase gain by 2-3 steps, but don’t expect significant improvements

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Thanks for your reply. How do I increase gain?

by default the gain is set to -10 which is normally way too high.

Instructions can be found in this thread:

Good starting values are 49.6, 48.0, 44.5
Be aware to remove the “-” in front of it. this character is used only in “-10” which is a special setting. All other values do not use it.

Normally you’re not going below 40 if you do not have an active antenna or special amplifier connected.

Thank you for your help.