Antenna in Metal Hangar

I’m temporally going to install my new feeder site in my hangar until the Airport owner gives us permission to install a more permeant antenna outside on the roof. Will the indoor antenna work inside a metal hangar? First time poster go easy on ema.

Will it work - yes.
Will it work well - probably not.

You’ve got nothing to loose, so go for it.


If you have any windows in the hanger, get your antenna as close to that as possible. In fact, on the window sill up against the glass. A window facing the predominate air traffic patterns is best of course.


Another temporary option is to make a 1/4 wave DIY antenna and attach it to the outside of the hangar with magnets :slight_smile:


no windows in the hangar. I thought about just running the antenna wire under the door and setting the antenna outside on the ground for now


Certainly better than inside the metal cage! Testing will give you your best answers when it comes to antennas. Antennas don’t like metal objects in close proximity. Signal Reflections are undesirable.

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Understood. My main goal is for my antenna to receive my own planes signal while I’m flying since I’m 978mhz adsb out. And to obviously be a feeder for other 978mhz planes which there aren’t many I’m sure in the area

It work the better the more far away you bring it from the walls.

Friend of mine had his antenna mounted close to a outside wall of his house.
Moving it off with a longer arm of 50 cm increase perception by more than 60%

I had the same in my previous flat with the antenna under the roof. The closer it was, the more worse the reception. So i hung the antenna in the middle of the attic

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