Flightaware Antenna mounting suggestions

I was thinking about setting up a second feeder. The new one will have to be located indoors. Does anyone have any suggestions for mounting a FlightAware antenna in an indoor window? This would be at my place of work so hole drilling for mounts.

Does this one meet your requirements?

That may work… I have a coat rack in my office that I could use. It just never dawned on me to use it. I wanted to actually get the antenna in the window but wasn’t thinking close to the window would work as well. What kind of signal do you get with that? At home my Antenna is in the attic near the peak of our roof and I get pretty good range out of it. I’m thinking I’ll lose quite a bit have it near ground level in my office.


You could try one of those telescoping curtain rods that fit within the window. Then suspend the antenna from the rod. No holes, no mess.

The quoted post & photos are not mine. These were posted by forum member Satmax (Josh). I cannot say anything about how reception will be when antenna is near a ground floor window. You may pm Satmax and try to find from him.

At my residence, I do use indoor antennas near a large window, but NOT at ground floor. My apartment is located at 60 ft above ground and hence these antennas give very good reception. To avoid drilling holes in the concrete pillar, I tied an L-bracket to pillar by nylon tying twine, instead of using screws. I mounted Cantenna on the L bracket, and also hanged the FA antenna from this L bracket, again using a nylon tying twine. Please see the photo below.

The advise given by jcinnb to hang from telescoping curtain rail is good and practical. You may also try sticking the FA Antenna to glass pane of the window using strong adhesive tape, if your company does not object to it. However Satmax’s setup is neat, elegant, can be easily re-located, and suits an office environment.

One more indoor antenna mounting example (posted today by forum member FlyingPeteNZ)